Green Glitter Makes Everything Better!

Hello Franken-friends!

I was shopping at Wal-Mart a few days ago, and came across a craft glitter set that was on clearance.  It was Marsha Stewart brand, and looked like it was left over from Christmas. I usually prefer cosmetic glitter when frankening, but decided to try this since most of the bottles in the set were very fine grit. And, well, just look at the gorgeous green on the far right! 🙂
For the base, I decided on clear (NYC brand clear) with a few drops of Sally Hansen Emerald City for a subtle tint.  I filled the bottle up 3/4 full, leaving room for my glitter.

Using the paper funnel method, I added my glitter. I wanted to make this particular polish extra sparkly, so I used a lot of glitter (approx. 1 tablespoon).  After adding my ballz and shaking, I let the polish sit for about an hour while I busied myself with other things.  I was slightly disappointed when I returned to the polish and found the glitter had settled at the bottom.    Usually when this happens, I consider the polish a FAIL, and move on to the next.  But I was so mesmerized by the color, I refused to accept that this polish was not worth keeping. I gently shook the bottle again, making sure it was mixed well, then swatched it on a nail wheel.

Talk about WOW! I didn’t even wait for the swatch to dry before I was quickly doing a full mani.  I could not stop staring at my nails!  As much as I hate having to shake polishes before I use them, I’m willing to make exceptions! This is DEFINITELY a keeper, as you can see by the many photos I took!
I will have to try out the other glitter that came in the set soon…hopefully they will be just as stunning!


13 Responses to “Green Glitter Makes Everything Better!”

  1. Simply stunning, Doctor!

  2. Doctor, Doctor…I got a bad case of lovin’ your green polish!

  3. I love shiny things!

  4. Lovely – reminds me of the Emerald City from The Wizard of Oz (Awes)!

  5. Thanks! I think this one is my new favorite 🙂

  6. Oh, I saw that glitter at walmart and they wanted like $8.00 each. What did they dicsount it too? I was thinking that would be great glitter for frankening, I even took a picture of it at Walmart and sent it to another blogger that frankens! lol

    Does it have a smooth finish to it?

    Great job! I love it 🙂

  7. Brooke,
    They had it marked down to $2.00 for the set! The glitter is very smooth and has awesome sparkle to it. My pics don’t do it justice!

  8. That is so stunning! Absolutely love it!

  9. This is so cool! I love the different greenes on the glitter. Totally awesome!

  10. *gawks in awe* 😀

  11. I just bought their birthstone glitters and some NYC polish and some Ballz… now I just need empty jars and I’m ready to franken! Thank you for being such an inspiration!

  12. So I just tried my first bottle and well, utter FAIL. I couldn’t even get a whole tablespoon in, but maybe it’s because I have 0.5 bottles and not 1.0? I did everything else the way you said, all the way to the paper funnel. It was way too much glitter and I couldn’t get it to set on my nail at all. I then tried using the leftover NYC and only 3/4 teaspoon of glitter and that was a fail whale too. 😦 I have all this supplies so I’m not going to stop but I was so sad to see the first one turn out bad.

  13. Excellent work buddy, keep it up.

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