Hidden Beauties

Hello, my fellow frankeners!

If you’ve ever been to a  dollar store, chances are you’ve seen the somewhat scary display of nail polish. While some real gems pop up every so often, most of the polish consists of old watery, blah colors.  But as we all know, appearances can be deceiving.  The dollar store is a frankeners’ goldmine!  It doesn’t take much to transform those yucky polishes into dazzling pretties!

Today, I’ll be using one of the L’Oreal Bijou polish as an example.  These have been popping up at dollar stores in 3-packs, and you can’t beat that price!  While some of the colors are magnificent on their own, the “Facet” line of polishes tend to be extremely sheer (the blue and purple in the photo). But they have great potential!

We’ll use the blue polish, called “B.Adorable” in this example. Let’s start by emptying out about half the polish. I keep several extra empty bottles handy for this purpose. You can set the extra aside to experiment with later. Your polish should look like this:
Now we need a darker color to mix in, to give the polish some pizzazz! And the aptly named “Purple Pizzazz Frost” by NYC is an excellent choice. Of course you can use any medium to dark purple to achieve the same effect.
Slowly pour the dark purple into the half full Bijou bottle. Since the Bijou bottles are tiny, you shouldn’t need very much. Be careful not to overfill the bottle. Your polish line should be even with the very bottom of the bottle neck like this:
Add an extra ball in. Most of the Bijou polishes already have one ball in the bottle, but adding another will aid in mixing faster. Shake, shake, and shake some more until the polish is uniform in color. You should now have a lovely medium purple shade with subtle blue stringy glitter!
I love the way this also has a blue flash to it!
As you can see, simply adding a bit of a darker color really gives new life to these sheer Bijous!


4 Responses to “Hidden Beauties”

  1. Purple with blue shimmer, absolutely fabulous!

  2. Thanks so much for your detailed instructions and photos. I’ll have to try doing that when I get some dollar store polishes. Enjoying your blog.

  3. Gabrielle Says:

    Whoa! This one is gorgeous!

  4. I always loved the bijou facets.
    The gorgeous color you made with the blue and purple is awesome!

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