Hello, and thanks for stopping by my “Franken-Blog”! If you are unfamiliar with what exactly “frankenpolish” is, let me enlighten you!

“Frankenpolish” is a term generally used to describe nail polish that has been custom made, or an existing polish that has been modified by adding things to it.  Most commonly, glitter and colored cosmetic pigments are used for this transformation.  You can also mix two (or more) different colors of polish together to create a new shade.  There are tons of possibilities when frankening your own nail polish.  I will be posting some helpful tips on how to get started frankening very soon!  And make sure to check back frequently for photos and recipes from my very own franken lab!


15 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Woohoo Amanda!!!! Welcome to the blog world 😀

  2. neglelakkmani Says:

    This is so cool, Amanda! Welcome to blogcity and wordpress. 😀

  3. Welcome to the blog world, Amanda! You’re one of my franken idols, so I’m so happy you have!

  4. Yay, great to see you starting a blog! I love your frankens and am really excited to see more of them soon 🙂

  5. Hey! Great job with the blog 🙂 I rather enjoyed it!

  6. Hey!! your blog looks awesome, Amanda!

  7. heey
    i’m living in holland and like to begin with frankening 😉
    but i can’t find the stuff you use anywhere 😦
    can u tell me where you bought it?


  8. I love your blog and your polishes’ creations !!! It’s so beautiful !!! I add your blog on my favorites blog list 😉

  9. dinah500 Says:

    Hi, Love your creations–but how do you transfer the polish from one bottle to another without making a big mess? Do you use a paper funnel for that too or something else?

  10. Hi!
    To transfer polish into another bottle, I usually just pour it straight from the bottle into a new bottle. I pour slowly, and keep an old towel hand to wipe up any accidental spills. Now, I don’t have the steadiest hands in the world, but I really don’t have that many messes. 🙂

  11. youcouldbelievethis Says:

    I’ve haven’t been so taken with a blog in sucha long time.

    I rarely use nail polish npw, but I used too. One August vacation, when I was still in primary school, I just got hooked and was really into strange colours. This blog reminds of the fun I had discovering nail polish and expressing myself with colours. I’ve added you to my blogroll and will link to the site via my twitter.

    Keep up the good work.

  12. Question about using cosmetic grade glitter. I have heard that some glitters ‘melt’ in polish, do you know what the ingredient in the polish to look for to ensure there will be no melting?

  13. @ Nicole… You will want to use “Solvent Resistant” Glitter. I just got some at TKB Trading. They even have all the supplies to get into Frankening . They make it possible to make the polish from scratch. They even have a suspension base so you can make your own glitter polishes!

  14. Thanks for the crash course Amanda! Great job with your blog 🙂

  15. candace Says:

    I am making what they call indie polish where I use base and the mica powder and some of them are kind of dull so what can I put in them so they will have a glossy look to them

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